Nexus points to FlySmiLes Miles conversion

Welcome Nexus member! Nexus always wishes to add value to you by offering the best deals available. Now you can convert your Nexus points to FlySmiLes Miles using this request form. So go ahead, shop & earn Nexus points and reward yourself with a much needed holiday.
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  • (Minimum of 1600 points)
    • • This offer shall be available to all members who are part of the Nexus Mobile Loyalty Programme in Sri Lanka who wish to convert their Nexus Mobile Points to FlySmiLes Miles.
    • • The conversion rate from Nexus Mobile points to FlySmiLes Miles shall be 1.6 Nexus points to 1 FlySmiLes Mile.
    • • The Minimum Nexus Mobile points required for the transfer of Nexus Mobile Points to FlySmiLes Miles is 1600 points.
    • • The conversion of Nexus Mobile Points to FlySmiLes Miles over and above the Minimum requirement of 1600 Nexus Points shall be carried out in slabs of 160 points.
    • • For transfer of Nexus Mobile Points to FlySmiLes Miles, the Nexus Mobile member should enter their information as given during registration.
    • • Once Nexus Mobile points are converted to FlySmiLes Miles they shall not be reconverted to Nexus Mobile Points.
    • • Following the successful conversion of Nexus Mobile Points to FlySmiLes Miles, the FlySmiLes Miles shall be governed by the standard terms and conditions of the FlySmiLes Program.
    • • This offer is limited to Nexus Mobile members for their individual use and is not transferable under any circumstances.
    • • If the Nexus Mobile member is not an existing FlySmiLes member, enrolment to FlySmiLes Program is required to avail of above offer.
    • • All mandatory fields are required to be completed by the Nexus Mobile member in the manner stipulated for successful transfer of Nexus Points to FlySmiLes Miles.
    • • Neither Nexus, Nexus Mobile nor FlySmiLes shall be responsible for any inaccurate data entered by the Nexus Mobile member.
    • • Nexus Mobile points shall be converted to FlySmiLes Miles within Five (5) working days of the Nexus mobile member making the request in the manner stipulated.
  • I agree to the terms and conditions
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